Cast Aside
2023. Animatic with original characters. 
After learning an awful mistake made by her colony's previous leader, Mardie seeks out Iwik, who still reels from the revelation.
"They Just Want to Know Freedom!" - Drawfee Animatic
2022. Audio and character designs from an episode of Drawfee, linked here. 
Julia takes science a little too far, leading to horrific and comedic consequences. Animatic also available on YouTube here.
Cam9Ruck Gaming Channel Intro
2021. Animatic made for EssenceCartoon.
Sweet Sleepers - Bunnet Advertisement
2021. Animatic made for EssenceCartoon.
"We Could Leave Here" - The Magnus Archives Animatic
2020. Animatic adaptation of episode 154 of "The Magnus Archives" podcast. 
Jon asks Martin to run away together from the supernatural Institute they're trapped in. Also available on YouTube here.
2019. Study of cinematography in Mr. Robot, Season 3 Episode 5 [21:03-23:10] -- exploring the "one-take."
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