Salty Dog
Featuring the song "Salty Dog (Instrumental Version)" by Flogging Molly. 
Budding pirate Wishbone has never had the muscle to stop him from getting knocked around in various brawls – he needs a creative breakthrough if he wants to hold his own in a brutish world.
Concerts for Bugs - Olly's Magic
When practicing dance poses for her pop star training gets boring, Reina asks Olly about the illegal magical abilities her mentor has had all her life.
The Capybara Spa
After being dragged to the hot spring with his mother, a young capybara looking for excitement at the pool makes an unlikely but like-minded friend.
Cast Aside
Animatic with original characters. 
After learning an awful mistake made by her colony's previous leader, Mardie seeks out Iwik, who still reels from the revelation.
"They Just Want to Know Freedom!" - Drawfee Animatic
Audio and character designs from an episode of Drawfee, linked here. 
Julia takes science a little too far, leading to horrific and comedic consequences. Animatic also available on YouTube here.
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