Red Sky at Morning - sample pages
2021-present. An ongoing fantasy webcomic about pirates and mermaids, and proving your place in the world. Written and drawn entirely by me. The comic can be read in its entirety here and here.
Tree Rings
2023. A short story about finding belonging in the margins.
2023. An exploration in processing grief, and in challenging myself with backgrounds.
Little Gifts
2022. A two-page minicomic about two girls from different worlds seeing each other in new lights.
In the Absence of Hands, You Will Hold Second Best
2021. In Greek mythology, Atlas was punished by the gods to hold up the heavens on his shoulders. This experimental short comic explores Atlas being in love with the night sky, and the concept of giving too much of yourself to something you care about. Also available to read on Tapas.
Ocean Vuong Excerpt 
2020. A 6 panel comic based on poetry by Ocean Vuong.
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